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I’ve been in my current job for over 10 years, that’s the longest I’ve ever been in one place, although I have moved departments a few times. I first started at BAE Systems in August 1996 at the age of 16, I left in 2000 as a qualified Aeronautical Engineer specialising in Electrical and Electronic engineering. Not many people understand why I left, but the simple answer is I had a disability, I had chronic back pain which prevented me from doing the job I was trained to do. I didn’t know I had a disability at the time, all I knew was I had debilitating back pain, it would take a further 4 years before I got a diagnosis of Facet Joint Arthritis aged 24! I spent several years using a wheelchair and walking sticks, it wasn’t until I got specialised pain management physio that I was able to get rid of the mobility aids completely. I took myself to university with the aim of getting a desk based job in Engineering. Since graduating in 2007 I have worked as a CAD Technician, a HVAC Design Engineer, a Typhoon Supportability Engineer, a Support Engineer and finally a Project Engineer. It’s time for a new challenge! I really want to work in a field which I can help people, especially those with disabilities. Ideally in a shop setting where I can get instant gratification that I’m helping people, or perhaps in a car dealership as a Motability specialist? I have been running this website for 5 years now, helping those in need of help via email, I’ve helped hundreds of people with their dilemmas, shown people what car would best suit their individual needs, suggested mobility aids, helped with Motability queries, and answered questions around PIP and DLA, I’ve also helped people at work get the adjustments they needed to stay in employment. I love helping people! When I was diagnosed as having an Autistic Spectrum Condition last year it completely changed the way I viewed life, everything slotted into place, it was like something had been unanswered all my life for 30+ years and I now understood why I did and do things the way I do. It’s why my specialist subjects are Cars and Disability. I consume as much information as I can find and use that knowledge to help others. It’s why I do voluntary work, it’s why some relationships haven’t worked out for me and why my current relationship is so special, understanding the issues and working through them. I hope I can find a retail job which either mixes cars and disability or is just centred on helping people with disabilities, it’s why I became a Disability Champion in 2010, it’s why I became a Safety Rep at work, always looking to help others. I hope you find your ideal job too. 

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