ASD Reasonable Adjustments

Just a quick post to suggest a few of the items that help me Day to Day and whilst at work.


I couldn’t function without these on my ears. 

They are available from Amazon at £199.95 (mine cost closer to £250, so this is a bargain for the usage I get from them).

I wear them at work, at home, out shopping, or any noisy environment.

Amazon link to Headphones


These cut out the blue light you often find in offices and shops with fluorescent lighting.

I wear these when I’m getting assaulted by lighting, especially at work.

These retail around the £40 mark, but are great for situations where you’d have to remove yourself from the environment to get any relief.

Link to MigraLens Glasses

MigraLens Glasses on Amazon


Finally a Smartphone App that is in constant use, it reminds me when to take my medication and also when to order a new prescription.

With the many painkillers, antidepressants and anti-migraine pills I take, it’s handy to have a product that I can rely on.

Link to MediSafe website

I’ll add more to this at a future date.

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