Diversity & Inclusion Awareness

The trouble with D&I awareness isn't about persuading us who already promote or live it, it is about persuading those who stick their heads in the sand about it. We need Directors and Senior Managers to champion D&I then feed that down to the Line Leaders, only then will it become part of our work life. They spout nonsense like "isn't she always happy, and smiley" and laugh behind her back rather than realising that she has a mental impairment, and they should be treating her like everyone else. - That was witnessed by me in this office this morning in 2016 - they even know I'm a Disability Champion/Equality Rep!!

I am suffering with Severe Depression at the moment, I'm finding work difficult to concentrate, especially with the vile sexism, swearing and hate for others who aren't 'able bodied, white and male' coming from those around me in my office.

The depression is now added to my Chronic Migraine and Arthritis in my spine and hip meaning I'm now walking with crutches, I'm only 35!

I wish people would stop complaining and get on with their jobs without having to resort to the vile that comes out of their mouths sometimes, or the loudness causing disruption - why speak so loudly on the phone? I have to wear noise cancelling headphone (with no music) to prevent migraines in the office,, and yet the person behind me continues to raise his voice on the phone!

I did complain to my previous manager (who has since left) but he suggested they were like that due to them being ex-forces or ex-shop floor, and it was their history that has made them speak that way!!

Yes, I'm sure they speak to their partner/parents like that? All women like to be called 'Birds' (that was the cleanest one I could type here). I am ex-shop floor and yet I don't speak like that.

Everyday I walk back to my car parked in my disabled bay to find cars parked either side in the 'hatched' areas so I can't get in my car, and neither can any other disabled employee either!

Some employees obviously wish to cause those of us with disabilities pain when we want to get in our vehicles, as why else would they do it?

And what is done? A little ticket on the screen, a telephone call to move (if they are registered), and they park again the next day, and on it goes for weeks, months, etc...

Sorry for the rant, but my depression is bad today and I needed somewhere to let it out,

More blogs to follow, as my therapist said it should help :)

#depression #Diversity #Inclusion #office #work #mentalhealth

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