What made me do this...

I've never written a blog before so this is all a bit scary, I know I can't reveal too much about myself for fear of internet hackers stealing my information and emptying my bank accounts.

What I will say is I will tell you all about how I became disabled in a future post but for now I'll tell you a bit about what I do and have done to help people.

I left my email address on my forum signature (www.youreable.com - hidden behind a link) around 2 years ago letting users know that if they have any pressing disability related motoring questions, then they could ask me questions via email and I would endeavour to answer them within 48 hours.

I wasn't expecting anything really, but after a few weeks, I started to get one then two or three questions a week, it eventually snowballed into 2-5 a day and that was when I was a fulltime poster on the forum, and so my signature was on display most of the time.

I've withdrawn from posting on the forum as much as I used to - not for any reason other than lack of time. I already to a lot of voluntary work with my local GP surgery and adoption agency, so time is limited to spend on a website forum, but even so, I still receive around 10 questions per week.

This is why I have now created this website/blog. It’s a place where I can pool all the answers and send people asking pretty much the same questions.

I'm also making myself into more of an advocate for disability issues and have pushed foward at work with campaigning on disability and equality rights.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading, I'll update 'about me' soon.


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